Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird for P3D V4.5, V5.3 & FSX

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The Lockheed SR-71 is without doubt one of the most advanced aircraft ever built. Built from a need to go higher and faster, in complete secrecy, a total of 31 SR-71s were built including two trainer models. The only manned aircraft ever to cruise above Mach 3, the SR-71 flew over most of the hotspots around the world and was able to bring nearly real-time intelligence on what the enemy was doing. During its career it was said to have outrun hundreds of missiles fired in attempts to down it. After being retired from the USAF, NASA acquired two SR-71s for high speed research programs. In 1995 the SR-71 program rose like a Phoenix and re-entered the USAF inventory operating from Det 2 at Edwards AFB - utilising #971, #967 and the 'B' model #956. But in June 1999, the SR-71 operations from Det 2 were closed down amid a lack of operational deployments, and the SR-71's fate was sealed in October 1999 when NASA's #980 flew its last ever flight.

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  • Authentic flight model based around the SR-71 pilots manual
  • Working TEB counters - 16 TEB shots providing limited uses of afterburner per engine - don't waste them or its a long slow flight home!*
  • Drooping Elevons on Hydraulic pressure loss
  • Fuel transfer & Centre of Gravity control panel
  • Fully independent VC night lighting (panel lights and flood lights with adjustable intensity gauge lights)
  • Automatic and Manual Engine inlet Spike control system
  • Independent engine controls and afterburners
  • Afterburner effects
  • Full tank leak effects in flight
  • Crew access ladder (on parking brake)
  • Engine Start Carts (from the Ground Equipment panel - Shift-6)
  • Brake cooling fans (parking brake, Spoiler and fuel above 30%)
  • Fuel dump switch with cut-off at 10% remaining
  • Anti-skid brake switch
  • Air refuelling receptacle switch
  • Animated pop-out anti-collision lights with multiple settings
  • Fully Mach 3+ and 80,000+ feet capable
  • Realistic undercarriage with authentic retraction sequence
  • Pilot and RSO Virtual Cockpit (Shift-A and A to cycle)
  • Afterburner free floating exhaust petal animation
  • Animated engine tertiary doors at Mach 1.5
  • Drag chute movement based on Alpha and Beta values (spoiler)
  • Prepar3d V5 only downwards Viewsight
  • Prepar3d V5 only ground radar
  • Prepar3d V5 PBR textures
  • VC rain effects on canopy glass
  • See the Prepar3d/FSX world at 30 miles per minute!

    Features not possible in FSX are the PBR textures, the downward looking Viewsight and Radar display in the RSO (rear) Cockpit. Cockpit 'Dynamic Spotlights' are only available in P3D V5.

    * This requires XMLtools for your sim version.