Frequently asked questions

Please find below some frequently asked questions. Please make sure you have read these thoroughly before using the technical support form.

Q. Using FSX, all my gauges in your plane are black.
A. You're probably using an FS9 aircraft in FSX, to make it work you would need to modify the panel.cfg file, however I do not support this and you do this at your own risk.

Q. Using your SR-71 I cannot reach Mach 3 or 80,000 feet.
A. You need to follow the guidance in the included PDF manual - the aircraft must be flown within critical parameters to reach high speed and high altitude. Climb must be flown at 450 KEAS in order to reach Mach 3. The dipsy doodle descend to over Mach 1, then slow pitch up must be performed in order to fly a 450 KEAS climb schedule.

Q. My SR-71's engines quit above 20,000ft. A. You've experienced an engine compressor stall on one or both engines, you need to keep your angle of attack within the prescribed limits set out in the pdf manual or your engines will not be able to get sufficient guided air flow to prevent stalling.

Q. I cannot land the SR-71 without stalling.
A. You need to fly the approach with as little fuel as possible. In real life SR pilots would land with only a few thousand pounds remaining. Use the aircrafts fuel dump but check that the Center of Gravity is within prescribed limits for landing as set out in the user guide pdf.